Monday, November 5, 2012

Research: Daniel Vosovic

     Daniel Vosovic although not what all may consider as an artist, is rather a fashion designer who has taken his work to the next level by incorporating textures inspired by photographs. Vosovic is a Michigan native and graduated from FIT. Most people may recognize him from Project Runway, the second season. He was a favorite then and a full career bloomed out of the reality show. He now engages in art direction as well as working in New York design houses and creating his own fashion collections. He has also written a book titles “Fashion Inside Out”. He launched his first own collection in February of 2012. This collection is where I based my research. source1
I first found information on Daniel Vosovic while looking at the First 2 Print website. This is a website that prints in mass quantities designs onto fabric. The description on describes simply that his collection “exemplifies the possibilities of using artistic photographic imagery created as a textile prints”. The print the site was speaking about was for the Fall/Winter collection of 2010. This was his first full women’s’ collection. He was inspired for this collection while walking through a NYC park on night. He observed the effects of time and nature on the elements of the statues and sculptures. He was exploring the idea of creative destruction. “Vosovic created completely original prints and embroideries derived from studying the aging process of oxidized copper, broken marble, and other materials in various stages of transformation.” The dresses appear to be direct prints of the photographs. He accentuated the fashion clothing by his presentation of them all. He placed the models on plain white pedestals while playing nature films in the background. Source 3
In his Spring 2011 collection he also started experimenting with digital printing again, to create what looked like an abstract print was actually a close-up photo of wolf fur, deer fur, burnt ash, and wood. He focused a lot on natural textures and made them “fashionable”. Source 4
I even surprised myself how I found an “artist” that was doing something so similar to what I did for this last project. He was inspired by the textures he saw in nature and created fabric out of these macro images. I did come up with my idea on my own prior to even knowing that fashion designers were doing this also. I took photos of highly textural objects within nature and rather then printing them in photograph form onto fabric, I made them digitally traced images. The end result of his work and what I would like to do with my work is the same, fashion. His is high class NYC fashion and the output I would like is Athletic clothing, but it is still textiles.
I am only going to analyze the fabric itself because I know nothing about high-class fashion styles. The fabrics he created were very interesting. Although, while looking at them I can tell that they are a photo or relate closely to a photo, I could not recognize and pinpoint exactly what the photo was of. Using the texture of oxidized and weathered statues is very out of the box and conceptual. Also, the use of wolf fur in his 2011 collection is even more interesting because it correlated with humans. We wear closes for warmth and wolves have fur as their “clothing”.


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